Monday, October 11, 2010

The Lampasas Cutplain and Beyond

Here are a few photos from a super BGS-led fieldtrip held 10/09/10.

- Weather
Afternoon could have been a little cooler (must speak with the weather satellite guy) but otherwise, just fine.

- Company Present
Wish the alumni and a few more professors had shown up but the ones who did made up for the absentees.

- Info Presentation
Impressive. The slideshow contains photos of the first two stops only.
Stop 1 - Lampasas Cut Plain: previous research and future directions, presented by Gary Stinchcomb, past Head Clod
Stop 2 - Red Bluff: stratigraphy and paleo-fluvial-environment of the Red Bluff section along Owl Creek, Ft. Hood, presented by Holly Meier
Stop 3 - Waco Mammoth Site, thought to be the largest single-herd, non-human related mammoth death site in the World - if you haven't been there, you should go.
Stop 4 - Floodplain Geomorphology and Soils at Williams Creek - a Story of Late Holocene Fluvial Dynamics, presented by Aislyn Trendell, Hallie Mintz, Jason Mintz, Gary Stinchcomb and Tyler Landers (kind of a multidisciplinary group thing at the end)

If you have more photos to add to the slideshow, please let me know, Mr. Bain.

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